Regarding Multiple DS-160 submission

Dear Saurabh,
Kudos! you have always been great with your prompt and apt replies to all the posts. we all are really thankful to you.
My query is that I had submitted a DS-160 form online on 6th of June but thinking that I make required changes later on (with my application ID)without realising that once submitted it cannot be modified/amended.
So I had to refill the whole form and submit a new application on 8th June.Now,again my employer wants me to make certain changes in that too.
Both the previous applications have my personal information (Passport details,Name, DOB, Father’s/Mother’s Name & DOB etc.).
1. My concern is if multiple application submisssion by the same candidate can be an issue during the visa interview?
2. Do the VO/VFS/ Consulate staff know that the candidate submitted the DS-160 so many times?
3. and would you know if there are other candidates too in past who had to resubmit?

Thanking you in advance.



You can submit as many DS-160 you want. While making PA with consulate, you will need to give copy of submitted DS-160 form that have barcode & they will consider that only.

I work for a MNC & while aplying for my L1 Visa last year, I submitted atleast 3 DS-160(as far as I remember) & It didn’t create any issue.

Chill, you are all fine.