Regarding H4 stamping for minor without H1B applicant travelling

I have a question regarding booking an H4 stamping dropbox appointment for my 5-year-old son.
My husband is in H1B and I am in F1. My F1 is valid and stamped. I am traveling to India with my son. My husband is not traveling with us to India. Husband’s visa is expired but we have his valid extension approval notice for H1B, ie we have valid i797. So do we face any issues with my son’s H4 stamping?
My second question is about creating an account for minors to book the appointment. I created a new email id for my son and used it to create my son’s profile in traveldocs so that I can book a slot for his dropbox. I am not sure if this is the right process, I am doing it the first time. After giving all the details we got the below pop which is asking to transfer the account as my husband’s and son’s details are already there with my husband’s email id.

Is it ok to transfer the account? Did anyone face this situation earlier and if yes what is the procedure you followed. Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.

This should be ok.

Ideally you can just add people in your profile for generating their DS-160 and no need to create individual profiles. So this is ok.

Thank you very for the response. Yes that I understand that we can add people in our profile for generating there DS-160. Earlier we use to do like that only. My husband will fill his DS160 and he will mention about kid so it gets generated. But this time it is like my husband don’t need stamping, he is not travelling. Only son needs stamping. So we are creating a new DS160 for son alone mentioning son’s detail. Then while filling travel docs we wanted to take dropbox appointment for him alone so we created another mail id. I am not sure if that is the right approach for this situation. Do you know the correct approach?

You should be still able to fill DS-160 for individuals you add in your profile without the need for primary to apply.

oh okk… let me see. Thank you for the reply