Regarding H4 EAD

Hi Experts,
My wife is planning to switch jobs from Employer A to Employer B. I am currently outside USA and got H4 (with Employer A) EAD and never used it for working in USA. My questions are

  1. will my H4 EAD valid and eligible to work if my wife switch to Employer B through her H1B transfer?

  2. Will I be able to enter USA on H4 visa(from Employer A) even after H1 transferred to Employer B ?

  3. Is it the best option for me to be in USA before filing for H1B transfer and apply for H4 extension along with H1B transfer? current H4 is valid through March 2023.

  4. Will H4 EAD be auto extended for 540 days provide H4 extension through Employer B is approved and applied for extension of EAD?

Thank you so much for all the help!


Yes, visa is just a travel document required to enter the US and is not tied to the employer.

Doesn’t really matter. You can file H4 EOS separately after coming back. If your H4 EOS is not approved before your current H4 I-94 expires in March 2023, you will need to stop working and can resume once your H4 is approved provided your EAD remains valid.


Thank you so much Kalpesh. Really appreciate it