Regarding H1B transfer and H4 stamping

Hi ,

I have a question regarding H1B transfer.

My husband has transferred his H1B from company A to company B and has got approved with valid date till 2015 june. 

I wanted to visit India during dec, & my passport has the visa from company A which is valid till 2013 June. So if I go to india in dec n come back by Feb 2013, do I need to stamp the new visa issued by company B? Please throw some light on this.


Appreciate your reply!


Thanks in advance.

You don’t need to get another visa stamped as long as your previous stamp is still valid. However, remember to carry copy of your husband’s latest 797 and show that at PoE. This way you will get an I-94 based on latest approval notice. Check w/ his attorney also about this.

thanks saurabh