Regarding H1B Transfer and get job in USA

Hi Guys,

I have valid H1B visa in company A in india , but i didn’t get a chance to go to USA from company A and am still working in company A . So i wanted to go to USA through that valid H1B stamped copy and I797B ,LCA details have but i dont have client letter , deputation letter. My doubt is once we landed in usa and in port of entry if they will ask any client or deputation letter , how we will manage and how to get through that. I am planing to get the job over one of USA consultancy and apply for H1B transfer.

Please suggest me immediately, it should be helpful and my visa valid is only 5months 10 days.



Better find an employer and go for transfer or Cap-Exemption in Premium Processing…

There may be a channce to ask sometimes at POE, if U fail to produce docs asked, U might be banned for 5 years or so, I heard same case… so better take NO chances