Regarding H1B petition query - concurrent petitions from same employer - Urgent - Please reply

Hi, Below are the details regarding my situation.:

  • My employer filed a H1B Petition 1 valid from June’ 2020 until March '22.
  • I travelled to US (from India after stamping on petition 1) on December 16th, 2021 with I94 end date of March 31st, 2022. New jersey is the location.
  • On December 27th another petition (Petition 2) was filed and approved for the same petitioner. Petition2 is valid from Jan’2022 until May’2024. Louisville location. Consulate is mentioned as Chennai. This is for a different client, role and location. This petition was prepared for one of my past projects and submitted without letting me know.


  • Do I need to apply for a extension cum amendment on petition1 or apply for role change and location change on petition 2. Also, do I need to immediately travel back to Chennai and get stamped as my latest petition (petition 2) is approved while I’m in US with Chennai Consulate approval. ? Please advise.

Many thanks in advance. I’m a little worried as there are no drop box appointment dates available in India for immediate return.

Yes, if you will be transferred to the job & location is the 2nd petition.

No you don’t. Just have your employer amend the existing H1B before starting the job in petition 2.

Thank you Kalpesh. I checked with my employer and they agreed with the same. We are doing amendment on my existing petition and not joining the other. We are planning to withdraw the petition. Thank you.

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