Regarding COS and Stamping (H1B To H4 )

Hi All,

I came to us in 2011 on H4 visa which is valid till 2014.So, i have stamp on H4.

and after comming to us, i got my H1B from employer A which is valid for 3 yrs (till 2015) and h1b from employer B valid tll 2014.

I never had stamping on h1b and now am visiting India in the month of May and want to change my visa status to h4.

My doubt : Can i apply for change of status after going to India( From H1b to H4 ).

How long will it take to get approved ? Since, i already have a staming on h4 do i need to go to interview once again for stamping on h4?

Any chances of getting stuck in India (or) can i apply for cos in us and can fly to India ?

Please do advice posting it for the fourth time . I would really appreciate any help.

Thank You so much !

See my response to your other question.