Regading my H1b Visa and the process to apply for F2

Hi Guys,
I have been searching internet for all day to find a correct answer but couldn’t find a right one so here is my situation.
Currently I am working on OPT for a company in Houston.My OPT will end on next year Aug 2013.
As I joined the company on second week of Feb I was little too late to apply for H1 for this year as my company wanna wait for 3 months to evaluate my work progress.I got a mail from my Hr that they would like to have my service for a long time and they are willing to apply for H1B visa for next year.

So am I safe applying for H1b for next year?

I am planning to get married this on November 1st week so what is the best option to bring my fiance to US till my OPT ends.Do you guys prefer F2 or Visitors visa?
Please let me know as I need to talk o my University about this.Once again thank you so much for actually having a forum like this.

Based on your situation F2 might be a better option. In either case you need to sponsor her but with a visitor visa the longest she can stay in US is 6months before she needs to travel outside the country and return.

On re-entry she could face issues at port of entry if the officer feels she is abusing the visa read if they stay in US for 5-6months, out of the country for a month and back again.  Also more importantly when you apply for your H1 next year you would be availing the Cap-Gap between Aug-Oct 1, during which time being on a F2 she could avail the same benefits.