Reg new bill for H1b- $110,000 Salary - Help


The new bill that has been introduced (due to approve) on H1b new minimum salary $110,000…

Is it applicable for new H1b holders (2015-16) year ?

This info would help us stop me to negotiate as my company currently quoting less number. If this bill is passed then I hope nothing to worry as the salary will be on a higher side.

Request you can to provide info on the same



That bill still needs to be approved in Senate and House before being signed by the President into law. I don’t think it will get done by April 2016 as there are other similar bills floating around and they may decide to merge them. Beside, the final language of the law may be different from the current bill.

Whenever (and if) it gets approved, USCIS will publish a date from which it will go into effect. Until then, you need to consider rules and laws around H-1B for salary negotiation.