Reg JOB opportunities in US in core sector post MS!!

Hi everyone,
I have a small query.I am currently pursuing my undergraduation in one of the top universities in India and wish to do masters in my field(mechanical engineering) in USA upon completion of my undergraduation.As i was going through the universities and reading about the scope of my field in USA post MS,I felt that there is more scope for computer science in USA than any other field.
Is this really the case??
Do companies sponsoring H1B visa are related to IT??
Is finding a H1B sponsor post MS in mechanical field that difficult??

No, it is not difficult. You have to do some research on which City, State and Employer you would like to work for and prepare groundwork accordingly. Your skillset has to be unique and chances are Mechanical Engineers will meet this criteria strongly enough. Sponsorship is not difficult if you are a perfect fit with employer needs, so research a prospective employer well.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar
Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director
Colorado Heights University
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