Reg H4 visa - Can i Travel to india

My H4 visa is expiring on sep 30th, 2013 and I’ll be raising for my extension by July. So is it possible to travel to india in Aug while H4 is under process??.I’ll be back before Aug end.

You should be fine as you are just extending your visa. If possible have the receipt notice of the extension visa with you (if by chance you get that before you travel) when you come back, as an evidence that you have applied for extension.

You should be fine without it too.

When you file for extension, you are basically requesting extension of your I-94. If you leave US while that extension is pending, then the same will be abandoned.

When returning to US, you will have to show copy of your spouse’s H-1 and you will be given H-4 I-94 based on that document. When is H-1’s 797 expiring?