Reg: H1B Visa got approved but its a small company in US

Hi All,

My Wife H1B visa application got approved,

My worry is she applied from US company(Consultant) , where she is present working In One of reputed company in Chennai,

  1. what will be the ratio getting visa to her,

2.Say if the interviewer ask why are you lefting very good organisation in India, in US its a small company can you justify this statment like that if they ask, What could be the answer.

3.What are all the documents to get from My Employer befor going to visa ?

  1. Did spouse should attend the visa on the same day?

Please help me on above quires :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.




1 - depends on the interview, the documents submitted etc.

2 - she can say that the role offered is better with lot of opportunities to contribute and grow. she can also say it will also help her career gain an international exposure

3 - the consultant (her employer) should tell you the list of documents to be carried

4 - it is suggested that spouse also attends visa interview together