Reg. H1B Visa - Conversion from 'Visa to be issued ' to 'Change of Status'


I could see three different categories in H1B 

(1) H1B - Speciality Occupation - Change Of Status in the U.S

(2) H1B - Speciality Occupation - Extension Of Status in the U.S

(3) H1B - Speciality Occupation - Visa to be issued in abroad

If an employer  A files 'H1B - Speciality - Visa to be issued in abroad' while employee is in India and if the employee travels to U.S. on L1 thru employer B. Will the employee start working with employer A from October 1st (Change of Status) directly  or employee has to go for stamping outside U.S or any other process in U.S to convert 'Change of Status' and start work with employer A.

The employee cannot directly start working for the employer A from October 1st. The employee will have to file COS application with USCIS to change the status to H1B from L1 with effect from a date on or after 1st October 2012.

You have 30 days to change your petition from CP to COS.

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