Reg H1 visa revoke

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am having H1b visa valid from 2016 to 2018. I worked in USA from Mar 2016 to Sep 2016 through my employer A. I am compelled to leave USA and come back to India on Oct 14th, 2016 on emergency basis to take care of my old parents who had fallen sick. Consequently my employer had revoked my H1 on Oct 26, 2016. Now my father and mother regained their health. Now I intend to work in USA again if it is allowed. Kindly enlighten me If I am eligible for H1 transfer or should i have to come under cap again? I also possess 10 years visitor visa valid upto 2024. Can I enter USA using my visitor visa. Does H1 revoke impact my visitor visa. Please reply.

Thanking you.


Any US employer who can offer an employment under the Same or Similar conditions of your previously approved(even it was revoked by your old employer A), can file a new H1B petition for you without CAP requirements.

Your visitor visa has no impact on your last H1 revoking.