Refused white slip 221g Admin processing - Fresh H1b

I had given my visa interview on 5th April 2021 and got white slip 221g admin processing. Post this my employer received email for documents and provided to them. Later, they reached to client asking for financial documents of clients such as who is buyer for my client product and financial position of client but my client didn’t shared due to their company policy and shared same to the USCIS.

I have applied H1 from India through one small consultancy which is in the US and I don’t have master degree of US.

Now, Do I have chance to transfer h1 to some other consultancy/IT firm with the 221g status? My initial h1 approved to till 2023.
If I have chance to transfer option what will be the procedure .

Thank you

You can transfer ( change of employer petition) any time while your H1B I797/I94 is still valid.

You need a sponsoring employer with a H1b job offer that fits your degree and skills. Employer will need to file the petition.