"Recoup" OPT time?

Hello Everyone,

I have a questions about possibly recouping unused OPT time. I am an engineer who has been in the US since Jan 2009. I finished my master’s degree in Jan 2011 and started working on the H1B immediately following the completion of my degree. I applied for my OPT at the time of graduation and did receive the EAD card. But since that year the 2010 quota was still unfilled i went back home for consular processing and started work directly on H1 in Feb 2011. I am mulling enrolling for a full-time MBA program and have questions about whether i will be eligible for an OPT post MBA. I did not use the OPT in 2011 so would i be able to “recoup” it?


You should be able to re-coup what is left in 12 months. Read OPT for Second Masters Options 12 months ?