Recieved H1b Visa Refusal Worksheet- What Next?


I attended H1B visa interview on 3rd-Dec-2014 at Hyderabad cosulate and interview endup with refusal,because VO was not convinced with my employer count and project details (Inhouse Project) .After 3 hours long wait VO called me and explained my employer doesn’t have a valid employment proof and project which I showed was not a Valid project.So finally he asked me to withdraw this petetion from my end with provided a printed document asking to sign it.

I have thinked for a couple of minuts whether can I go and sign or not?mean time again office said if I can’t sign then he will go Admin process and it will take 6-8 months of time and if anything wrong in my case I may permanent banned for visa to US.If incase you can withdraw this petetion here you could find new employer and file again newly.And finally Ii sign the document and VO returned I-797,Passport,Project except LCA.

On 10th-Dec-2014 recived OF-194 letter from Hyderabad Consulate.

Here My Questions Are :

  1. Can I use same I-797 approval notice for new employer in Cap-Exempt quota?

  2. Can I eligible for Cap-Exempt quota?

  3. How long will it take for new employer to complete the filing process?

  4. If new employer can file a new petetion ,Is there any problem in next Visa interview with first visa refusal?

5.How much time My New Employer have to contact USCIS to start process after recieved refusal work sheet?

I have received last of-194 worksheet. Could you please help with your suggestions?