Reciept number is different from rejection notice

My h1 reciept number start with WAC and rejection number start with CMN. Why is that?

Please let me know your taughts. I got rejection letter dated June 30 and my sevis still says visa processing and I vacant work till sept 30(cap gap). DSO says there could be a misunderstanding and my case will be open since case was rejected because invalid fee paid. My company paid 1500 instead of 4000,but they say we are not eligible to pay 4000 since employee on their h1 is well lesthan 50%



Rejection notice(Not picked in lottery) for a new H1B of CMN(California Masters Notice)/VMN(Vermont Masters Notice)/VRN(Vermont Regular Notice)/CRN(California Regular Notice).

I don’t understand why you got two rejection notices. Please check with your Attorney.

My assumption is, since incorrect fees was paid they might have created a case(For tracking) and rejected it with the reason incorrect fees paid.

Note: To check whether your company is H1B dependent(More than 50% on H1or L1) check your LCA. The details are stated in that. With that you will know what fees needs to be paid.

Thanks for the reply
I don’t have two rejection notice. That is what confuses me too. My case receipt number says case (online case tracker)it’s processing, sevis says processing. Attorney is sending request to reopen case with supporting documents aaying we are below 50% and eligible for only 1500.

Rejection letter says don’t resubmit since cap is reached for this year. Does this means that I don’t have option to resubmit.( next step is not mentioned in rejection notice)

This is really confusing. Generally all the rejection notice(Not picked in lottery) states that you cant resubmit. That’s their general format. If its a mistake from USCIS I am sure they will allow you to reopen the case. I hope you get a positive update soon.

Thanks buddy, hope it won’t take too long!!