Recent Visa Stamping experiences from India?

Has anyone recently attended the Mumbai consulate for H1B visa interview? If so, please share your experiences.

Also, if anyone has recently taken a stamping appointment at Mumbai consulate, what is the current wait time?


I got my stamping done last month in Mumbai. It was easy one . They just asked few questions:

(1) Name of client I am going to work with

(2) Name of employer

(3) Salary offered

(4) I had a recent travel so what was my nature of work.

Let me know if need more detail I would be more than happy to share my experience

I guess right now wait time if around a week check this out

thanks buddy… will surely get back to you for any doubts.

So looks like, your employer is a consultancy, but did you already know the name of your client?

yes i was infact i had travel for same client in past