Received second H1b RFE on I-129

I got picked in the lottery and received an RFE immediately to which my employer replied. The case status then changed to ‘Additional evidence was received by USCIS’. Now again the case status says ‘RFE was mailed today’(This time on I-129 form).

What does this mean? My first reply to the RFE was not enough and this is another different request from USCIS?


I heard receiving a second RFE is incredibly rare but it means USCIS is willing to still consider your case instead of deny it so it’s not bad news. I think a second RFE happens when the response to first RFE is not enough or USCIS deems even if first RFE was properly responded to that it does not have enough information/evidence to decide the case.

May I ask what your first RFE was about, what your job title is, and how you responded to it?

Hello I have also received RFE twice .could you please help me what i need to do here.
On first RFE response i have share speciality ocupation with clinet /BRM, SOW,Payslip letter.
On second RFE they again asked SPeciality ocupation, they asked about the job duty , minimum qualification required to perform the duty.I am confused here, what i smissing, I have shared the same/similar info on first RFE response.Could you please suggest on the same.