Received RFE for H1B on Education

Hi All,

My Professional Profile as follows, I know this is unusual and rear but its real

I am from India and I have bachelor degree in Hotel Management but i had a chance to step into IT as a career, till date i have 6.5 years IT Experience as a software developer, my employer filed H1B for me FY 2018, recieved RFE on my Education,

what are the chances of H1B Approval ?

besides my case i heard that if any H1B applicant’s education is not related to the specialty occupation USCIS would be calculating by converting each 3 years of work experience * 1 Yr of US Bachelor Degree, if that is the case without any other consideration, then i have 6.5 years work experience which can turn out to be considered as 2 yrs of US Technical bachelor degree ,then again my profile would short fall of another two years of bachelor degree.

Can someone help me with the probability of approval based on any of your personal experiences if anybody has or heard of H1B Approval similar to my Profile?