Received *****Intent to revoke for approved H1B .. Please Help...

Hello All,

I have received this email from USCIS as i have created an email alerts for case status update, I spoke to my employer and he said we need to wait for the notice to receive from USCIS.

My H1 got picked in 2014 fisical year and approved on july and i am with same employer and client. If my employer applies for appeal after receiving Notice from uscis will this help me, is there a success rate in this type of cases…

Please let me know what are the options do i have,

Please help me with your suggestions…

There has been a recent processing action taken on your case.

Receipt Number: *************


Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity

we mailed you a notice explaining our intent to revoke our earlier approval of your case, Receipt Number ********. The notice explains what we will do. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. ,

For approved applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include sending notification of the approved application/petition to the National Visa Center or the Department of State. For denied applications/petitions, post-decision activity may include the processing of an appeal and/or motions to reopen or reconsider and revocations.

I am also received the same notice. i got stamped h1b in the year 2014. I am yet to start from India. Suddently, i have seen this notice from USCIS. What happend in your case? My employer is not responding…

What can we do in this case?

My employer and attorney replied to the NOIR with documentation ( which i am not aware what they have answered to NOIR) on Dec, now i am waiting for the response…

any update? i amon same situation

Hi Krish,

I got same notice from USCIS and i have 10 days left to reply. Can you plz let me know how did u handly your case at that point of time and what was there decision. It will be big help if you can give some comment on it

Hi… you can email me at … i can’t explain the whole process here…

I’ve a similar situation. Please email me to explain the process. Thanks

Hello Krish,

I am currently on the same boat. Can you please let me know how did you approach the case? Can you let me know your email?