Received I 797B no I 94 transfer premium process

I797b got means is that I have to go for visa stamping with new employer? This is my first transfer.

Or shall I just cross border visa of Canada turist and cross border back to USA on I797B at POE I will get new I 94? Right?

Any simple way ? I don’t want to go stamping anywhere?

You can go to CA and show new petition while returning to US. This would issue I-94 for B and then you can work for them.

Do you know why I-94 wasn’t issued?

Don’t know but some low rated cheap immigration attorney hired by company B looks like, they made mistake and as Indian they write some POE is Indian city name somewhere looks like. but my employer told they will working on it.

So, no stamping required if I go Canada , I have still valid canada visa for1 year, just drive and return from border and get I-94. Still some people says Canada POE told I-94 is online and they try to search I-94 online they don’t get it? lets see which option is easy to follow but immigration attorney I read reviews looks so cheap guy.

No paper I-94 is issued at any PoE. All I-94s are online now. Only the I-94 issued along w/ 797 documents are paper I-94s.