Received H1B approval notice.Can I transfer H1B to another employer before applying for visa?


My H1 B has been approved and I have received the approval notice but have not applied for visa yet.

Can I transfer my H1b in case I want to change my employer before applying for visa.

Please advise.

thank you

Yes, you can transfer H-1 to another employer and then go for stamping through old or new H-1 employer.

Thank you Saurabh. How much time does it generally take to transfer H1B from one employer to another.

Processing time can be looked on USCIS site for your service center. PP option would be 15 calendar days while RP would be 4-6 months or more.

Thank you Saurab. A couple more questions.
Can employer A revoke the petition if The job is not accepted and how much it generally takes for the petition to become invalid . Also what happens in case employer B agrees and applies for transferring the H1 b petition to their company. How much time does employer B have for the transfer…

A can withdraw the petition whenever they want. Once USCIS is asked to withdraw, it should happen within a month.

B can still apply for cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) irrespective of whether A’s petition has been withdrawn or not.