Received consulate email to submit my passport on 12 nov 2014,CEAC status changed on 14 nov 2014

Hello everyone,

I attended visa interview for h1B stamping, I received a 221g green slip for administrative processing.At the time of interview, consulate officer retained my passport and some other documents. After certain number of days I requested my passport because I was in need of it. In connection with my request, consulate returned my passport within 5 days. On 12th nov, I received an email from consulate saying .“In order to continue processing your visa application you are required to provide your passport. Please post your passport at your earliest convenience”.

Consulate emailed to submit passport on12 NOVEMBER 2014

Consulate confirmed that they received passport on 18 november

First CEAC status updated on 14 november 2014(Status-ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING)

Second CEAC status updated on 21 november 2014(Status-ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING)

The status update date has been changed twice but it is still showing as “ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING”.I am totally confused with these changes.Can anyone please let me know what might be the outcome and when could I receive the final result.

Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

They are working on your passport, that is why multiple updates are showing. It appears you are approved. Let us know if that is indeed the case.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Hello Sandeep. Thanks for your comment and positive words. I hope it will be issued soon. Surely I will let you know once I get an update. :slight_smile:

Hello Sandeep!! Today my case status has been changed to “ISSUED” and there is no further email or update. What might be the next possible update from embassy ?