Received 221g Blue slip after H1B visa interview

Hi ,

I stayed in USA for 4 years on L1 Visa. Afterwards through a consultancy company I filled H1 and got it and hence changed the employer in USA.

After that I was on H1B with consultancy and hence moved to a full time employment with X company. Thereon after a month I travelled back to India on 9 Th Feb 2012 for Family emergency . Since I changed the employer in USA , I need to go to interview in Mumbai Counsulate which was done on 21 st March 2012 .

My Interview was for 90 Minutes along with my Wife and my SON who is US Born Citizen. Upon the interview I was issued a Blue slip asking for additional details, which were given in a weeks time.

There on no status on VISA .

On June 6 th I received a letter Counsulate saying the petition has been returned to KCC .

After couple months no Update and Also I am no longer with that employer. I do check the status on Visa tracking site and it gives me something like this.

Case Was Sent To The Department of State
On July 17, 2012, we sent your case, Receipt Number EAC1205250948, to the Department of State for visa processing. Please visit our website for general information on Consular Processing. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

I need to know what has happened to my Visa? Who should I contact and Can my Visa be reused again , I mean exempt from Cap .

Also I am thinking of filling of new H1B now . Do I need to make sure that previous Visa case is closed?

Just too many questions and complication but I appreciate a response on this.



From the status it looks like they reaffirmed the petition and sent the notification to the consulate for visa stamping.