receipt notice not received

My employer filed my amendmemt @aug 10…but I have not received my receipt notice even after 2 months where as uscis site shows they have sent my receipt.I want to travel india in Dec & come back in jan.will it cause any issue without retrurn receipt? employer has given me receipt number from check

Just to be clear, the receipt notice should be received by the employer/attorney and not you.

Why was the amendment filed?

Attorney/employer is saying they have not received yet.But on USCIS website they have mentioned they have sent my receipt notice.
Amdendment was filed after rule got change in June,Since my petition was for Troy & I am working in Arkansas.

Do you need to get H-1 visa stamped when traveling in Dec, or is your visa still valid?

If receipt notice is not received within 30 days, then employer/attorney should contact USCIS to follow-up.

My Visa is valid till May 2016 So no need to go for Stamping.Also my employer is not ready to check with USCIS stating they will not entertain us & they do not provide duplicate of receipt notice.

Nothing more you can do except wait.