Reapply for Parent visitor visa after rejection : 214 B

Hello all, Requesting some advice for my parent’s visitor visa rejection. I applied for their visitor visa( B2). Just came to know that it got refuse and 214B.

My father works for a PSU in India and my mother is a homemaker. The questions include:

  1. For how long you want to visit

3 months

  1. Where do you work

Name of organization

  1. Will you get leaves for 3 months?

Yes, No issue with leaves. Can visit after retirement.

I have 3 unmarried siblings in India and my father has property but no question about that was asked.

As my father has this amount of leave remaining( Available ) and has NOC (so I truthfully put 3 months) , which was not seen or asked

Now my main concern is that my father’s retiring in this November 2018.

SO should I apply again before the retirement or after the retirement with less duration like 1 month or 4 Weeks?

can I apply for my mother alone?

Please help…

Answer#3 is a red flag which would have triggered 214b INA. Retirement is a key word that flags the system for impending denial. If your dad is retiring in November, a 3-month planned stay between now and November is not acceptable because it would mean he is exploring new opportunities in the US. But if he said he plans to go after ‘retiring’, the use of the word caused a denial. Also, B1 B2 applicants must always use 30 days or less as the stay option.

You have another option. Your dad can have a post-retirement goal of helping US companies establish their presence in India through Public - Private Partnerships. Register him for a conference in the US that applies to the sector that he is retiring from. Use conference invitation and registration confirmation as reason for travel. Your mom can travel with him as a reason to visit you. But please remember that visit dates must always be 30 days or less.

Best wishes

Thanks, SShankar. yes, it seems 3 months was the problem that causes the denial. ( I thought to submit everything correctly will be good :frowning: , as he has leave and NOC).

Just want to ask something: Can I apply again just for B2 visa for only 1 month and when to apply before retirement and after retirement.

I will also explore the option that you suggested: any conference available here for my father.

We need to think this through a little more. I suggest using his present active employment, NOC etc to apply while he is working. That way he can state that there is a need to return to India prior to retirement to take care of formalities and that he is going to be very busy to travel after retirement. Now is the only time available is a good answer. There will be an INA notation on your dad’s file regarding retirement and the next officer will ask this question - will you travel now or after retirement and the answer should be now. Later is not possible.