Reached USA 2 weeks back and H1 transfer because of H1 revocation

Hi , Thank you very much for the wonderful support for many people across the world. I need your suggestion on my process. I came to USA on Sep 12th and have not worked for the sponsored employee ( because he said that he will go marketing but not really done unitl 2 weeks,) In between I applied through dice and got the contract. After that employer was asked 40% commission and I said no. Then he started applying for H1 revocation.In the meantime I applied for H1 transfer with another employer.We got the LCA recipt and applied for next step immediately.I am waiting for this reciept now. My problem here is that I have applied without any pay stubs ( applied for H1 transfer within 2 weeks I landed here) 1. Will it create any problem? Also they applied in normal processing.But I have informed them to change to premium processing once get the reciept. How long time it would take to get reciept ? also approval in premium processing? Any help on this.? One more severe issue Am facing …I found accomadation through sulekha when I was in India and then came to his room directly. I realized that he is a real physco. I am new to US .He collected my SSN information…He purchased new calling card for me on first day using his credit card.I have given the money in hand.I left the room 1 week back and joined in company in other state. Yesterday the calling card company deducted amount automatically to recharge it.I never known that.He said that he will inform about fradulant transactions and spoken worst.I aregued and it went bad.,Even I have said that I will send the monyey(its only $5.78 ) (five dollar) tonight after reached home. He knows my empoyer problem. Then He sent a message that he is going to write a letter to USCIS that I am staying here illegelay. Sorry for the long story… This is new lesson for me.Even I am experienced person and could not realize here the situations.I never faced such a physco in my life.

dear you situation is really hard but still you are managing this is good

due you should not give your SSN to anyone.

anywahy you reply that i am not illigal i started working

Hi Ganesh,

I empathize with you. Your current employer seems to be a bastard. 40% is little too much and he trying to revoke H1 is even nasty. But, looks like you are in a very bad situation. Here are the tips I suggest to you.

  1. If your ex-roomate calls you, tell him that you have called the police and informed them that he has stolen your SSN, and using it fradulently. I am sure he will not repeat that again.

  2. With respect to your employer I suggest to talk with him on 40% negotiate with him and try to get it to 35% or so. Please note that 30% is norm here so don’t worry about 5%. Handle carefully. After few pay stubs, you can change the employer. This time he cannot do anything to you. Initially you will get less money but better to be legally right than entertaining these kind of idiots. Please insist on getting the pay stubs. Some desi consultants don’t even issue pay stubs. But, you make up the story that you need them for your rent, car loan etc. They should atleast give offer letter.

Note that both employee and employer have equal opportunities to be legal, and screw the life of each other. You can really play foul with them vice versa, so it is better for both of you to respect each other.

  1. Call the calling card company and tell them that your card is stolen and hence they should block it.

  2. Mails from you ex-roomate to USCIS will not be entertained at all, so don’t worry about it, he cannot do any harm to you. If he threatens you, you threaten him back with SSN stealing from you. I am sure that idiot will not dare to touch you again.

You seem to be very innocent guy. Be brave, and take the control of your life.

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Hi Ram,

Thank you very much for the response.I have already filed a petition with other employer.I have got the LCA receipt a week ago and they filed petition immediately. I have applied for H1 transfer immediately after 14 days of my arrival in US.This Employer said that they will take care of H1 transfer process without paystub. Have you come across the same situation before for anyone? Will it be OK ?

Regarding that Physco guy …I have sent him message that I am going to police station and explain them. After that he did not send any message .Lets see. If he continues same then I am sure that I will report to Police.


Hi Ganesh,

I am really sorry to hear your situation. But in future please be careful not to give out your ssn to anyone as that is the most critical information here in the US.

Also I would like to appreciate Ram in boosting up Ganesh’s confidence by giving appropriate answer to his questions!!

Was the transfer successful? I am in a same situation like yours … plz reply…