Re-Initiating OPT After cancellation

Hi All,

In 2017 I had my OPT approved and also I had H1 picked, but my college was closed and to keep my Sevis active I had to take another admission. Due to Sevis transfer my OPT was cancelled. I am about to complete my masters in August 2019 and I still have 5 months of OPT left in OPT which was cancelled. I have heard that I reapply for the remaining OPT term (the 5 months which is left). If it is true then what are the chances of getting approved and how long will it take?


Yes, you maybe able to re-capture unused time in OPT. This all depends on the DSO authorization and USCIS discretion. Please work with your DSO and then take required steps to leverage that.

Thanks Kumar, I have another question. I have applied OPT for the remaining tenure and it is still in process. Currently I’m in a project and has taken 3 week off, I would like to go to India and come back. As my application is still in process I am not sure if I can travel or not. I have read few blogs online and they say that travelling is ok but once I get EAD card then there should be someone to forward that to me so that I can carry when I travel back. Please let me know if it is a good idea to travel while OPT application is still pending. Also say If i get EAD card in one week then would you think it is good to travel after that.


I do not advise your travel with OPT pending, it is risky…I have answered your question in other thread.