RE: HIB Petition Validity after quitting the organization


 Last Year (2011) I worked for an indian based company. They sponsered me H1B visa. I got H1B petition approved mail on october 2011. But  I quit the company for Higher Education of 1 Year program on Sep 2011.

Now  I finished my master program on Sep 2012 and would like to join the same company. 

[b]Is it possible to use same HIB Petition?  if the Project still exists and HIB petition is valid[/b]

I could see USCIS website that My Petition is still in Post Decision activity.  

[b]Please help me to take decision so that i can join in the same organization and make use of this visa. [/b]


If I join the organization. I may get new employee Id and salaries..Will this impact on HIB stamping because whatever I submitted for HIB petition are totally different documents.

Hi Murthy,

Even I am with the same situation, I reached out to my employer and asked for the same, they told that they have already sent a withdrawal notice for the petition filed, but it would get reflected in the USCIS site. Even I am not sure of what to do with this situation. I tried reaching the USCIS to get the exact status of the petition but seems like they can’t reveal the information to petitioner’s. So I am just checking out the possibilities of doing a transfer.