Re-entering US on B1/B2 visa while waiting for H4

I’m currently in US, my wife got her H1B on May 6th, i’m still waiting for my H4. (biometrics done on May 14th, California center)

i need to travel outside the US, can i re enter using B1/B2 visa that i have?


You can travel. However the I-94 end date upon entry should be honored and you must leave or you must apply for change of status to H-4 in the US. I suggest waiting abroad in your home country. If H-4 challenge persists, then by all means travel and then try to resolve it while in the US but you might be told to return to the country where your visa is under admin processing

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Well, you may re-enter on B1/B2, but that may raise unnecessary questions at Port of Entry, if you say that you are going to visit and then do change of status to H4…
The better thing to do is, get H4 visa stamping done using the H1B Approval and re-enter US on H4.

Can i do the visa stamping for the H4 abroad if i didn’t receive it yet its still pending since May 1st! my wife received the H1b on May 7th!

and if i re enter on B1/B2 can i change status to H4 again ?

Yes, you can, if you have the H1B approval notice of your wife. You need that for H4 stamping.
You may do that, but again it is not recommended as I said. The reason is, there is something called “willful misrepresentation”, if you try to do it within 90 days…Read more at FAM See below. The better thing to do is to get stamping and re-enter on H4.