Re Can I transfer H1B when 221g is in Admin Processing?

I have attended H1B visa interview in Hyd Consulate on 16th of May. I got 221g and submitted documents requested on the same day. After 6 days I got another email to submit the passport. I did so along with the original documents. Any idea when can I expect my passport with stamped visa? While this is happening, my Employer sends me email about my resignation and is not running my payroll. What can I do now? Can I transfer my H1B to another employer before I go back? Will there be any problem at poe? Please let me know…

Passport processing can take 1-2 more weeks. Generally they ask for passport only when they are ready to issue the visa.

Did you update your employer about this passport submission? Maybe they will decide to re-hire you?

If not, another employer needs to file a cap-exempt petition for you using the previously approved petition. If the visa is not stamped through old employer, then you need to go for visa stamping through new employer. PoE should be fine irrespective of whose visa stamp you have. You can get more details from new employer’s attorney.