Raising H4 Visa affect H1B visa Process


My Wife has H1B visa stamped. I am thiking to Raise H4 Visa now. My Company will raise My H1B visa for Cap2015(1st April2014).

My Question here rasing H4 Visa will affect my H1B visa Process in any aspect.?

Can a person have both Visa H1B and H4 together. Or it may create some issue?

Thanks in Advance

There might be a chance to cancel earlier stamped visa if U go for new one…

I suggest U to go on H4, as Ur wife already has H1B stamped. U can file H1B coming year and then change from H4 to H1B. U cannot work till October if U r on H4

Thanks RaNa…
If my company Raise Premuim Processing H!B (For this visa i can get Apporved/Rejected Petition within 15 Working day). so Still i have to wait till 1st Oct to Work. ?? OR with approved Petition i can get visa Stamped and go for work before 1st Oct.?

Whatever the case, U can only work from October 1st 2014, as US Financial Year starts from Oct 1st. U can enter US 10 days before i.e., September 20th or later… But not earlier (if U r not in US).