Questions regarding Past job experience

Hi all,

I have one query regarding Past employement experience.

Currently i was about to attend H1B VISA interview.

Totally i have kept that i have 4 years(2005 to 2007 and 2010 to 2012) of exp but out of that 2 years(2005 to 2007) is not genuine and 2 years is genuine(2010 to 2012).

Also during that time(2005 to 2007) i also attended for f1-visa for three times and rjected for three times.

In one of these interviews i have been asked wether i am working or not, i said no but now i am showing that i worked during that time…

So what would be the chances and if at all they how cleverly should i manage.

My suggestion is to always submit real documents and answer the questions truthfully.

That sounds good but i have mentioned in USCISS that i have worked for the 2 years(05-07) which is not real

I don’t think they will match the employment history to your F-1 visa interview response. Still you are mentioning fake experience, which can have serious consequences in near or distant future.