Questions regarding H4 to H1 for Pros & Cons

Hi -

My Wife is on H4 now and planning to file H1 for 2014 Quota. I have few questions, she's in India. In the case of H4 -> H1:

	Can I apply H4 -> H1 even though she's in India?

	If she needs to be in USA, by when she needs to be in USA?

	Does H4 -> H1 will have any benefits than new H1 from India?

Please help me with the answers as I am pretty confused about timeline. 

Thanks in advance!

  1. She must be in US when H1B filed (if COS) AFAIK

  2. When H1B is filed and when it is Approved

  3. Not Much. H1B mostly depends on Employer, Job, Client Letter and all relevant docs…

Thanks for the quick turnaround! Just to confirm, if I file her petition for 2014 Quota (April) which means she must be need to be here by April, 2014.

Yes… Ask her to come by March Last week, as Petitions open from April 1st

Better go for Premium Processing for Quick Turn Around

Thanks much! I really appreciate your help. Not sure if it’s a right question on this forum, I have been trying get some information about Consultancies who can help me with H1 filing. Do you guys suggest any Consultancies or is there anyway I can find out some feedback on any Consultancy?

As U r in US… U can find a sponsor easily… Below is the link where U can see the track of Consultancies/Companies