Questions on DS160 - need simple answers urgently.

I’m returning to India for my H1B visa stamping and need to fill DS160 form.

Ive been working in USA with employer for ~21 months after Masters in USA. (My I797A H1B approval notice is valid from  jan 1 2012 – dec 31 2014)


Questions on DS160 form

1)      In DS160  Personal2 – I’ve Indicated my nationality as Indian. Do I also fill the USA SSN number , US Tax ID number information?

2)      In DS160 Address and phone section, do I enter my India home address in Bangalore OR my USA address ?

3)      What do I enter in Intended length of stay in the US? (I plan to continue working for several years in USA)

4)      Previous Work Experience :  I’ve worked in india for two companies (2006-07 ; 2007-09).

5)      Education: DS10 form mentions education since high school. Is it ok to enter my Engg. Degree (India) and MS in USA information, should I also enter my 11th,12th standard info.


I’ll be really grateful for any answers. Thanks!
  1. If they have asked for it, then yes mention the SSN

  2. India’s address and phone number

  3. Same as your petition validity dates

  4. Yes, mention those two if they were within past 5 years. I think it says work experience in past 5 years.

  5. I thought the question was " Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?". If they have changed to high school and above then yes mention 11th and 12th as well.