Questions on 221g white slip issued for H1

After a really long wait finally my H1B got approved but to my bad luck, it got into another problem called 221g white slip.

During my 2nd round of interview the VO asked for 1 particular document which I submitted within 15 days. My wife’s H4 already got stamped and the VO also assured me(during the 2nd round of interview) that my visa will be stamped within 2-3 working days once I submit the document.

My queries:-

  1. Is there really any chance of my H1B getting approved within such a short period of time (& that too a 221g issue)?

(I’m asking this because till now I have not read/heard any fast get back from uscis regarding 221g issue )

  1. What generally happens in this type of cases? If they had a problem with the H1 then how come the H4 got stamped?

Any of your comments/experiences would be of great help.

Regards: Prakash

  1. I heard of cases which got Approved in less than 5 days… It can be done, they just want to make sure U r genuine and all docs exist

  2. They just want to make sure U r genuine and all docs exist…

DO submit docs ASAP

Thanks a ton for your reply. Actually they found some fault in my passport & asked for a new passport. The VO told that "submit your new passport & get your visa stamped in 2-3 days at max."I have submitted my new passport yesterday.

But on the other hand my employer told that these type of cases generally does not get solved so fast. They also told that VO does not give such assurance to any H1 holder. There lies my concern, as I got such assurance from the VO.

I dont know what will happen & whats going on. Totally lost.

Don’t worry it will be done soon if its just a matter of passport not any background verification (as it takes more time)…
Keep checking online about the update, hope it will be done soon

My petition got approved just today i.e. within 1 day :slight_smile: Its unbelievable. Thanks a lot Rana.

Wow… That’s great!! congrats!!