Question Regarding 221g process time

I came from US for h1b stamping and got 221g blue form during interview. I lost my project at client side because of time duration. I am EVC model.

In 221g form it mentioned that I have to submit all kind of document including client and the job vacancy in US govt webside. So my employer find another project during the month on January and filed the LCA and I have submitted my document on last week of January 2013 along with client letter and all rest of document. My start date was 29th january at client side and I haven’t get any reply from US Consulate. So, middle of Feb client told me we pull out your offer because we need immediete person.

I have checked all forum and they mentioned that US consulate takes atleast 2 month for process and verify all document which we submitted.

Now, my question is that if they took that much time than how the client wait for 2 month! So, at what bases US Consulate reviewing our document! did they reject our application if we lost the client just because of long period for verification time! Did they ask anything to our old/lost client or did they ask to our employer for our status. Because they must knew that after 2 month no one hired or wait for you!

I was confused and really tired by waiting that much time. What is my chance to getting h1b stamp!

Yes, its a bad situation. They don’t have set processing time and it can take several weeks or months. And most clients are not ready to wait for that long.

They issued the initial 221g as they want to see the client information and do the verification. When they do the verification w/ the client and realize that client no longer has that position for you, they will most likely reject the visa.