Question on visa status after change of status


I am unclear of my current visa status and what I should do next and would sincerely appreciate your help. Below are some details

  1. My H1B petition was approved as ‘change of status’ and I have my H1B visa interview soon.
  2. My H1B petition was filed when I was in F1 status and after filing my H1B petition I moved to an L2 visa as my F1 visa was expiring and I thinking about changing jobs (I eventually did not change my job)
  3. I entered the US on my L2 visa in September
  4. I am currently thinking not moving to H1B (if it is even possible given my application was approved as ‘change of status’)

Few questions:

  1. Is my current status L2?
  2. If I leave US right now do I need to get my H1B visa stamped before coming back or can I come back on my L2 without getting my H1B visa stamped
  3. If I get the H1B visa stamped does my L2 visa get canceled automatically?
  4. If I get the H1B visa stamped and my L2 does not get canceled then can I still come back on my L2?

Thanks in advance!