Question on Out of Status for L1 to H1 Transfer


I am currently employed with Company A on L1 Visa with validity until August,2013. I have a approved H1 from Company B with a I-797 & I-94 starting October 1.

Due to Personal reasons, I cannot join Company B until November 15 and will be continuing on L1 till then

Currently I have a I-94 valid until December,2013

The new I-94 received for H1 visa is valid until 09/30/2015

a) Does the I-797 & I-94 mean that my application was processed with COS

b) Will the above situation mean that I will be Out of Status and will this cause issues during future GC Processing & H1 stampings.

Please let me know what options I have now.

Hi, I am in a similar situation. Please let me know if you got an answer for your question. It would be of great help


I’m also sailing on the same boat. Is it legal to continue working for L1 (visa expired in Jun-2013, I-94 valid till 2014)employer when H1 is approved with a change of status starting 1-Oct-2013?