Question on H1B VISA six years limit

My wife was on L2 for some time and then changed to H4 and then changed to F1. She is on F1 now. Her first entry to US is 07-FEB-2008.


She was in India during these statuses for less than a year (I have added all her vacation trip times)


If she files for new H1B this year, does USCIS consider her time on L2, H4 and F1 to decide the if she has maxed out 6years limit? Appreciate any replies.

Only the time spent on L-1 inside US is added towards the 6 year limit. H-4 and F-1 are not added to the limit.

What about her time spent on L-2? Is that added towards 6 years limit of H1?

The six year limit includes only the time spent on L-1 and H-1 inside US.