Question on H1B amendment/extension

Hi,My H1B expired Dec 2015.My company filed my extension/Amendment by Aug last week.Then I got a location change and an amendment/extension filing was done on Nov 1st week.Now both my VISA and I94 are expired by Dec 2015.I am planning to do a COS to H4 in premium .My question is :1.Which one of the above H1 filing will be considered by USCIS, as H1 B extension approval is taking a long time, I wanted to check which one will take effect, the one submitted in Aug or in Nov.2.If my COS gets approved first and my H1 later,which one will be considered.Thanks

  1. Both will be processed and will either be approved or denied. I am not sure if both get approved, then that means you are authorized to work only at the location which was approved later.

  2. COS approval is dependent on extension approval as your I-94 has expired. So most likely USCIS will issue RFE asking for extension approval and will only then approve your COS.