Question about provisional education transcript certificate evaluation


I have a degree in Computer Engineering from another country. I received a provisional transcript 16 years ago and immigrated to Canada right after.

My provisional degree certificate has been successfully evaluated for TN Visa twice in past with no problem.

Now I am working on my H1B visa. I have been told that H1B has stricter evaluation criteria for education certificates. I have been told that I it is better to get the final certificate before applying for H1B and do not apply with the provisional certificate like I did for TN visa.

The problem is that I need to travel overseas to back home after 16 years in order to get my final certificate. That means two month of time-off and be out of work.

I wanted to consult with this forum and see if I actually need my final certificate ( rather that the provisional one I have in hand) for H1B, considering the significant effort needed.

Any help would be appreciated.