Question about H1B RFE


I have been issued RFE in H1B, with the following questions.

The Skill required to perform the speciality occupation

The source of the Instrumentalities and tools required to perform the speciality occupation

The duration of relationship between you and the beneficiary

Whether you have the right to assign additional work to beneficiary

The extent of discretion over when and how long to work

The method of Payment of Beneficiary’s Salary

The Provision of employee benefits

The Tax Treatment of the beneficiary - What should I be Providing as a Proof for this question

Education Evaluation - State if the collegiate training was Post Secondary education i.e whether the applicant completed the United States equivalent of high school befor entering the college - Here in my high school I had arrears and it took 1 Year for me to complete the same. Will this be a Problem ?

Can anyone say if the above questions are Normal ?