Question about h1b cap exempt

My wife’s h1b revoked by employer as she didnt join the company due to pregnency complications.She doesnt have any payslips from the employer though employer didnt let her join the client location for first 2 months. Her H1 to H4 conversion already approved. She’s India now and will be coming to US on H4. Can she apply for H1B cap exempt from a different employer? If yes, What would be the common complications?

Was your H1B revoked or withdrawn? Usually revoking can be done only by USCIS and employer can only withdraw the petition. When did the employer withdraw the petition? Was it before the visa start date or after?

Based on this information only we will be able to answer your questions.

Hi Mathuram,
USCIS website is showing revoked.We’ve the approved petition and employer also confirmed that they requested for it.Its done after start date only.Visa was valid from Oct and employer requested for revoke in December.

Please check this