Query regarding SOW - H1B RFE

I got RFE aug 2019, asking for below documents
Valid and Signed MSA
Valid and Signed SOW
BRM Letter
Purchase Orders
Milestone Plans
Onsite Project Organizational Chart

The SOW is valid for 1year (from Jan 2019 to dec 2019), in 2018 also SOW is execute for 1year only. Will my rfe get approved?? If not what addition documents can be submitted along with the SOW for getting rfe approved.

Well, usually USCIS would look at the validity of the entire documents and make an assessment based on that. It is possible that they may approve until Dec 2019. If they have asked for the documents, you need to submit them or something equivalent. Ask your attorney and submit that is relevant, if you cannot get anything.

Hi Guys , Can you please help me with Milestone plan document .I also got RFE asking same .Can anyone share a temple or sample document ? my email id is -ankitanayak999999@gmail.com