Query regarding L1 to F1 and then to H1B same year.


I’m currently on L1 visa which will expire in June 2013. My company will not apply for extension. Since i want to stay and work in US I’m planning to apply for F1 Visa and work on CPT. Also planning to apply for H1b this year. So basically I’m planning to apply for F1 and H1B both. Till the time I get my H1B approved in Oct or Nov 2013, I’m planning to work on F1 CPT from June to Oct 2013.

Could you please let me know if there is any problem in applying for COS from L1 to F1 and then to H1B. Due you see any risk in this situation. This is the only choice I have if I dont want to go back. Could you let me know if this idea feasible or there is any other option for me.

I would really appriciate if you can answer my query.



When do you plan to file COS from L-1 to F-1? They can happen in parallel, but you will have to ensure that H-1 COS gets approved after F-1 COS or else you will have to again file COS to H-1.

Also, be very cautious when going through a school that offers CPT from day 1.