Query regarding H1B Visa RFE - Statement of Work (SoW)


Got RFE on my H1B application. They have asked for Project Statement of Work (SoW) etc.

For SoW they say:

Please provide a copy of the 3 most recent Statements of Work (“SOWs”) for the project to which employee will be assigned in the U.S. All SOWs must be signed by the end-client and the current SOW must be valid.

I am a little confused about the explanation for SOW. Could anybody help me out with this.

Pls respond.

Thanks in advance.



Basically what they are asking is that proof of relation between ur employer and end client. It may be SOW or PO.

Ask your emploer whether SOW is signed off or not and abt validity of the same.

UmaMahesh, Thanks for your response.

The reason I am worried here is because they are asking for previous 2 SOWs and the current one making it 3 in total. I have joined this project recently, so I am apprehensive about previous 2 SOWs. I will get the current one to which I will be assigned. Also, they have asked for a Contract between my employer and client separately.

I also had the same confusion like ur’s.I have got RFE this year.I have submitted the current SOW only.No need to worry about.good luck.

thanks :slight_smile:
Gud luck 2 u too


I am in a similar situation. I had submitted the latest draft sow.

however, Have got an RFE to submit the recent signed sow from the client by 15 th oct. I don’t have the latest signed sow.

please suggest as to how to resolve this.

thanks in advance,


The best you can do here is to try and get the latest signed SOW. If you cant, just send the draft one explaining the situation. Also, send past SOWs which are signed, this will give confidence to the VO dealing with your case.