Query regarding h1b amendment


I have a valid H1B visa
I hold two valid petitions

petition1- approved in 2021 for client A and valid till sep 2024 ( irving, Texas)

As the employer didn’t map me to any open postions I had to go through amendment in 2022

petition2- amendment approved in 2022 for client B and valid till sep 2024 ( Cary, nc)

Stamping is done based on petiton2. but my employer is unable to map me to any project in location Cary nc

Now employer has an open position for client in (petition1) and for same role/ location as in petiton1 ( irving, Texas)

I never travelled and worked using any of these petitions

Can I travel using petition1 without a new amendment

Pls suggest on this

You can travel using your current visa stamped based on petition 2 but use the petition 1 to enter and join the client/job in petition 1.

Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for your response. But usage of petition1 (petition is original petition and petition2 is amended petition-recent one) is valid as per USCIS? Also, travelling using petition1 will it cause any issues? I mean at the port of entry can I show the petition1 i797b and travel to location mentioned in it

Basically you can use your valid visa to join any H1B job per your approved petition. Visa is just a travel document and is not tied to any employer or petition as such.

Thank you @Kalpesh_Dalwadi